It is a wonderful tea with fruit infusions that will make you feel the best of Peru in a single cup.

Our passion for ours, the high quality of our products and the care of every detail seeks to transport our customers to the most native of our Amazon and offer them an unparalleled taste experience, with the best fruits, plants and exotic aromas.

Burning Fat

100 % natural

Orange Peel, Kion And Camu Camu

Fruit infusion with Camú Camú, orange and ginger (Kion); Strong antioxidant that contains the properties of fat burner and helps to lose weight. Excellent to enjoy at all times.

Energizing Power

100 % natural

Algarrobina, Maca And Coffee

It is an infusion of a mixture of carob, maca and coffee; an excellent 100% Peruvian energizing combination, it also has medicinal effects and is pleasant in taste, does not contain caffeine and does not produce dependence when consumed.

Antioxidant Power

100 % natural

Purple Corn + Camu Camu

 Es una infusión de mezcla de maíz morado con Camu Camu. Una excelente combinación 100% peruana.